Gift Wrapping with Photos – A Beautiful Mess

 Gift Wrapping With Photos A Beautiful Mess
Gift Wrapping With Photos A Beautiful Mess

Hello, friends! I am so excited to share today’s project because giving gifts is one of the number one ways I express my love. Obviously, I do my best to “speak” all the love languages, but giving gifts is something that has always come naturally to me and that I love to do!

Enter the world’s most adorable 3-year-old and I’m pretty much toast! Gift giving (and wrapping) has never been cuter. I am definitely in my happy place right now and enjoying every moment.

This post is in partnership with Canon USA. I used my PIXMA TS9512C printer and love the way it captures the contrast in the photos. It can also print up to 12×12, so it’s possible to fit quite a few photos on a page if you’re working on a project with multiple images.

Also, I just wanted to note that I am loving their matte photo paper. It’s perfect for a project like this—making tags. I would highly recommend this matte paper for anytime you don’t want a shiny finish. The quality is awesome and it’s easy to write on.

To make these tags, I simply printed 3×3-inch photos. I turned them black and white using A Color Story on my phone, AirDropped them to my laptop, resized them to 3×3, and added them to 8.5×11 size new files and printed them on matte photo paper. Then, I cut them out with scissors and left extra space on the bottom for handwriting. After that, I punched holes in the photos and added some twine to tie them to the gifts. Easy!

My favorite part about this project was printing photos of loved ones, like my daughter and our nieces, to use on their gifts. I love the personalization that when they open their gift from me, it will come with a memory we made this year together!

As an added bonus, Nova can see which gifts are for her (since she can’t read yet) … although I’m not sure I want her to know. Haha!

For wrapping, I like to use a mixture of neutrals with a LOT of texture. This year, I purchased one wrapping paper with a neutral pattern and then rest of what I used is plain craft paper. Then I mix in a lot of lace, rope and yarn (you can find these in the fabric section of any craft store) in a shade of white.

Last, but not least, I chose black and white photos because I love how all the neutrals blend together.

Thanks so much for reading! I feel so inspired to begin new traditions this year. I am feeling the magic BIG TIME.

If you have any fun gift wrapping traditions, I’d love to hear!

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